first of all i just want to thank everybody for…..existing because you all mean a lot to me in some way that you might not know how 

i’ve been on tumblr for 9 months and since i feel like i’ve grown and learned and seen so much more and i’ve met so many of you wonderful people that i now can’t live without

you all are such angels i swear i’ve never seen such generous, open hearted, talented, hilarious people in my life and i feel like home when we can be excited over something we all love

thank you to my followers who’re still here you people have to cope with me i mean how do you do that the things i make must ugly your dash

and thank you to all the people who have accepted me as a friend and spent hours online together you’re my strength at hard times

all sappy talk aside, i wish everybody who sees this a very happy new year! may your wishes come true ^^

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